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Welcome to 4th Gr. Recorder Karate!

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On this page, you can:

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blue_8th_nts_35x47.gif listen to recorder songs, so you can learn them & practice them

red_8th_nts_35x47.gif download & print out fingering charts, information on reading notes & other helpful information

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Help for Reading Music & Playing Recorder

The Line Notes

The Space Notes

Here are some fun games to help you practice the letter names of the pitches!

Word Warrior Treble Clef Quiz

Travel Through Treble Space

Matching Words - Treble Clef

Identify the Treble Clef Notes Story

The Missing Notes - Beethoven

How To Read Rhythms

Here are some fun games to help you learn to count & read rhythms!

Matching Symbols & Rhythms

Rhythms & Terms Challenge

See-Sawing Note Values

Rhythm Quiz Show

Rhythm & Signs Crossword

Rhythms Hoopshoot Quiz

Fling the Teacher - Rhythm Time

Your First 3 Notes (Fingering Chart)

3 New Notes (Fingering Charts)

Two More Low Notes (Fingering Charts)

How To Learn A Song

Songs To Print Out & Learn

These songs sometimes come 2 - 3 on a page. Below each page are mp3 files of the songs so you can hear what the songs sound like. You can also practice along with the mp3 files. The mp3 files play the songs at a slow tempo to help you learn them.

White Belt Songs:

Hot Cross Buns & Buns Cross Hot:



Hot Cross Buns.mp3
Buns Cross Hot.mp3

O ma washi:

O ma washi.doc


O ma washi in G.mp3
O ma washi in A.mp3

Pink Belt Songs:

Pierrot & harmony part for Pierrot:



Pierrot harm.mp3

Yellow Belt Songs:

Merrily We Roll Along & harmony part ("Merrily We Play This Song"):



Merrily We Roll.mp3
Merrily We Play.mp3

Fais dodo:

Fais dodo 1st Pt.mp3
Look under the Purple belt section for the mp3 of the whole song

Orange Belt Songs:

Gently Sleep, Frog in the Millpond & Hop Old Squirrel:

Gently Frog Hop.doc


Gently Sleep.mp3
Frog in the Millpond.mp3
Hop Old Squirrel.mp3

Merrily We Skip Along (Merrily We Roll Along in 6/8 time signature):

Merrily in 6-8.doc

Fais Dodo - 1st part is an Orange Belt, whole song is a Purple Belt:

Fais dodo.doc
Fais dodo 1st Pt.mp3
Look under the Purple belt section for the mp3 of the whole song

Gold Belt Songs:

Juba, & Harmony Part for Juba



Miss Mary Mack & Long-Legged Sailor:


Hot Cross Buns in 3/4:

Hot Cross Buns in 3-4.doc

Pierrot in 3/4:
Pierrot in 3-4.doc

Green Belt Songs:

Star Bright, Lucy Lockett & Hammer Ring


Star Bright mp3:

Star Bright.mid

Lucy Lockett mp3:

Lucy Lockett.mid

Hammer Ring mp3:

Hammer Ring.mid

Skin & Bones


Skin & Bones mp3:

Skin & Bones.mid

Purple Belt Songs:

Old MacDonald & For Health & Strength:


Old MacDonald mp3:

Old MacD.mid

For Health & Strength mp3:

For Health & Strength.mid

Lightly Row & Go Tell Aunt Rhody:


Lightly Row mp3:

Lightly Row.mid

Go Tell Aunt Rhody mp3:

Go Tell Aunt Rhody.mid

Au clair de la lune (the full version of "Pierrot") & All Night, All Day:

Au clair All Night.doc

Au clair de la lune mp3:

Au clair de la lune.mp3

Fais dodo (pronounced "fay doh doh")

Fais dodo.doc

Fais dodo mp3:

Fais dodo full.mp3

Jolly Old St. Nicholas:

Jolly Old St Nicholas.doc

Jolly Old St Nick.mp3

Blue Belt Songs:

In Mr. McDade's classes, 4th Graders have to earn two Blue Belts - Light Blue & Dark Blue, before they can go on to earn their Red Belt. Choose any of the songs below for both of your Blue Belts.

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, Hush Little Baby:

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star mp3:
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.mid
Hush, Little Baby mp3:
Hush, Little Baby.mid

Wayfaring Stranger & My Father's House:


Don't forget - you can play "Health & Strength" as a 2-part round with a friend, & both of you can earn a Blue belt!

Red Belt Songs

When the Saints Go Marchin' In:


When the Saints Go Marchin' In mp3 - Melody:

When the Saints mel only.mid

When the Saints Go Marchin' In mp3 - Accompaniment version:

When the Saints w acc.mid

Jingle Bells - 2 different versions (G Maj & D Maj):

Jingle Bells 2 vers.doc

Jingle Bells mp3:

Jingle Bells - Refrain.mid

Brown Belt

Amazing Grace:


Amazing Grace mp3:

Amazing Grace.mid

Black Belt

Ode To Joy

Ode To Joy v2.doc

Ode To Joy mp3 - melody:

Ode To Joy mel only.mid

Ode To Joy mp3 - accompaniment version:

Ode To Joy w acc.mid