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If you've achieved your Black Belt in Recorder Karate, CONGRATULATIONS ! You have accomplished something terrific! But it doesn't stop there - now you have the opportunity to earn your Black Belt Degrees! There are seven of them, leading to the ultimate prize, the EAGLE FEATHER !

You can learn & play any of the songs below to earn your Black Belt Degrees. You do not have to play them in any particular order - whatever song you choose to play first will earn you your 1st degree, the next song you choose will earn you your 2nd degree, and so on. A good place to start is with the Scales. Once you have earned your 7th degree, you can try for the ultimate prize - the Eagle Feather!

Make sure you print out the two pages of Challenge Notes, and the Master Fingering Chart, if you do not already have them (first file below). These pages will teach you notes that you will need to know in order to play many of the Black Belt Degree songs!

Challenge-Master.doc (3 pages)


C Major Scale

D Major Scale

E Minor Scale

D Minor Scale


Away In A Manger - familiar tune

Away In A Manger - 2nd tune

Jingle Bells - Verse & Refrain


Brother John in F

Brother John in G


Rocky Mountain in F

Rocky Mountain in G


All Through the Night

Lightly Row in C



Scarborough Fair

Eagle Feather Songs!

After you've earned seven Black Belt degrees, you can try for the highest honor for recorder players at Independence - the mighty Eagle Feather! Play either of the two songs below to earn your Eagle Feather!

"Spring" from Four Seasons by Vivaldi

Spring - Vivaldi.doc

Spring - Slow

Spring - Medium

Spring - Fast

Simple Gifts

Simple Gifts.doc

Simple Gifts