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These recommended apps are for iOS devices - iPad, iPhone & iPod Touch. Please keep checking back, this list will be updated often!


A couple of notes about "free" apps:

1. many app developers offer their app for free at first, until it becomes popular, & then later begin charging $ for it!

2. Many free apps are "Lite" versions of apps that cost $

3. Please also be aware that many free apps prompt the user to make "in-app purchases", which can start to really add up!

4 Music Rooms Lite - learn about the string instruments & note reading; kid-friendly graphics; free version of paid app (see below)

12-String Lite - free version of a chord strumming app, w/ a great 12-string guitar sound

All-Star Guitar - four different guitar sounds, w/ several effects; meant for strumming chords

Beatwave - a swipe of your finger makes music! A sound matrix w/ ability to layer different parts

Blob Chorus - funny blob monsters that train your musical ear

Blues Cats - your very own kitty chorus of blues musicians!

Classical Masters - Anywhere Artist - terrific free collection of great classical music to listen to, plus biographies of the great composers, links to videos & more (large app, 184 mbs)

Dr. Seuss Band - like "Guitar Hero" for a goofy trombone; free version of paid app, but plenty of fun w/o paying for songs

Dust Buster - really fun games that teach note reading for the piano; great for piano students

Falling Stars - draw your own pretty nature pictures that create a musical composition

Freddie the Frog - games, stories & musical learning based on the "Freddie the Frog" books; would be esp. helpful for piano students

Go Go Xylo - crazy group of instruments to experiment with, & also has 3 free songs to learn to play by following the music notes (watch out for in-app song purchases)

iCSound - very hip-hop sounding music looping app ("loops" are short repetitive pieces of music that are used to create a song)

JoyTunes Recorder Master - helps you learn to play your recorder!

Magic Piano - prob. the most unique of the hundreds of piano apps on the app store; has several different playing modes

Mandala Hang Drum - virtual version of a unique instrument that's similar to a steel pan drum

Met Guitars - pictures, info, musical examples & videos of people playing historical guitars, from an exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC; great for you fans of the guitar!

Mozart Interactive - features an amazing 10 yr. old pianist playing Mozart on the piano, accompanied by cartoon instrument characters

MSO Learn - from the Melbourne, Australia Symphony Orchestra; high quality pictures and sound examples of the instruments in the orchestra

My Note Games - teaches note reading skills; free part of paid app "Hear It, Note It" (see below)

Pattern Music - another music looping app; takes more time to create music but has some nice features

Shiny Drum - very nice drum pad, w/ lots of different drum sounds; needs online access to work

Simple Music - very different kind of piano app, oriented towards playing chords & accompaniment

Soundrop - similar to "Falling Stars" but more geometric

VidRhythm - makes amazing music videos, starring you! (& your friends, if you want); get this one soon, it prob. won't be free for long! See the videos we've made in music class using VidRhythm at Mr. McDade's YouTube Channel

Young Music Genius: Classical Wiz - game that teaches music instruments & musical excerpts by the great classical composers

Paid Apps (apps that cost $)

4 Music Rooms (2.99) - each room represents one of the four main instrument families, along w/ note reading games

BeBot - Robot Synth ($1.99) - really cute robot that sings; can be edited to create many variations in sound

GarageBand ($4.99) - the best music app on the planet, when you consider it's 1 penny less than $5 - gives the ability to create a full song with studio quality sounds; good enough to be used by many professional musicians (very large app, 800 mbs)

Hear It, Note It - The Aural iQ Game ($1.99) - very good musical training games for note reading & ear training