Hey, Music teachers who like to use technology or who are lucky enough to have a SMARTBoard - you can download & use these lessons that I've created! There are some lessons at the bottom of the page that are cross-curricular &/or are for other subjects besides Music. Please do not post elsewhere online w/o contacting me first - thanks!


Wenger Elementary Planning Guide.pdf

originally at: Wenger Elementary Planning Guide

Lots more good stuff (resources) for Elementary Music: Wenger Elementary Music

Music: Kindergarten & 1st Grade

Allison's Camel.notebook

Oh, John the Rabbit.notebook


Music: 2nd Grade

Music: 3rd Grade

Loose Tooth.notebook

Could also be used w/ 2nd graders depending on their reading level

Music: 4th Grade

Music: 5th Grade

Other Subject Areas & Cross-Curricular

Kind/1st Gr.

Vowels & Cons answr rvl Kind.notebook

Twinkle Little Star.notebook