Cardinals Ticket Order Form - download from this link:

Cards ticket order form 11-12.doc

Dance Videos

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IESS Group (Isabelle, Emily, Sam & Sara)

Blue Suede Shoes.wmv

Boogie Fever.wmv

Jailhouse Rock.wmv

Rhythm Nation.wmv

CMSS Group (Chloe, Mallory, Samantha & Shayna)

Bndstnd Boogie.wmv

Doo Wah Ditty.wmv

What A Feeling.wmv

Hiway To the Danger Zone.wmv

for Dance Leaders:

Fireflies edit 2 - voc.mp3

Music & Lyrics for Solo Tryouts

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Lyrics for Solos 2012.doc

You Keep Me Hangin' On - voc.mp3

we need three girls for this song

I Heard It Thru the Grapevine - voc.mp3

follow the piano part!

Close To You - voc.mp3

I'll Be There - voc.mp3

Ain't No Mt High Enough - voc.mp3

I Will Survive - voc.mp3

we're looking for at least two people for this solo

What A Feeling (Flashdance) - voc.mp3

The River of Dreams - voc.mp3

follow the piano part!

Rap (Everybody Dance Now) - voc.mp3

Lyrics for Rap (Everybody Dance Now).doc

Welcome to Choir at Independence!

Mrs. Houchins & Mr. McDade invite all 4th and 5th Gr. students at Independence to join our Singing Eagles Choir! Choir is an extra-curricular activity that students attend once a week on either Tuesday or Thursday mornings before school, from 8am - 9am.

You can download & print out the Choir registration form here:

Choir Regist Form 11-12.doc

Below is all the info you need to know about getting started with our Choir.


1. Choir at Independence is an extra-curricular activity. Choir singers come to one rehearsal a week, either Tue. or Thu. morning before school, from 8 am - 8:55 am. We meet in Mr. McDade’s classroom (Rm. 202, across from the Art rooms). You are free to choose which morning works best for your family. Many Choir students work w/ their friends to work out car pooling arrangements.

2. We do three main performances a year - a Dec. holiday concert, a spring concert in May, & singing at a St. Louis Cardinals game. Our Cardinals game this year will be in either April or May of 2012.

3. When we get close to our two main concerts, we begin rehearsing both the Tue. & Thu. groups together on both Tue. & Thu. mornings, on the stage in the gym (8 am - 8:55 am). We usually have two weeks of these "full" rehearsals, so that's a minimum of four rehearsals in those two weeks as we have final preparations for the concert.

4. We sometimes add additional performances - it's becoming a tradition for us to sing near the end of the school year for the Volunteer Appreciation breakfast, which is before school. There usually aren't any extra rehearsals involved w/ any extra performances.

5. Students who want to do special parts for the concerts, such as dancing, playing an instrument, or singing a solo, duet, small group, etc., may need to come to extra rehearsals for those parts. These rehearsals may be on mornings other than the regular Tue./Thu. Choir rehearsal days, & would be in addition to Choir members’ regular Tue. or Thu. Choir rehearsal. Auditions may be necessary to choose Choir students for some of these special parts.

6. There is no fee to join Choir, but families with Choir members who want to sing at the Cardinals game will need to purchase tickets to the Cardinals game for their family (incl. the Choir student) if their child is singing w/ us. We receive a group rate on tickets from the Cardinals - tickets are usually $15. Choir members will also need to purchase a Choir T-shirt ($8) , which we wear for many of our performances.

7. Being in our great Choir at Independence is a privilege. Choir students are expected to behave as responsible, respectful representatives of Independence Elementary School at all performances & Choir events. Choir students are also expected to be respectful, responsible & hard-working in rehearsals. Choir members are expected to attend all rehearsals unless ill or otherwise excused (a message to either Mr. McDade or Mrs. Houchins from a parent regarding an absence is considered excused). Any Choir member who is excessively absent from rehearsals (missing more than 40% of all rehearsals, or missing more than 2 of our usual 4 combined rehearsals before a concert) will not be allowed to perform with the Choir at that upcoming performance. Any Choir members who are having any problems in these areas can expect the directors to have a discussion with their parents about whether or not Choir is a good choice for that student.

Let us know if you have any other questions – thanks!

Mr. McDade 636-581-5818 (School Voice Mail)

Mrs. Houchins 636-851-5786 (School Voice Mail)