Welcome to 2nd Grade Music!

We have been using laptop computers in Music class to create our own rhythmic musical compositions, using the amazing website Drumsteps !!! You can listen AND see these compositions by clicking on the links below. You need to make sure your Adobe Shockwave plug-in is updated for these links to work. AND, you should use Internet Explorer to view these links - Drumsteps does not work well on other browsers.


Mrs. Hutfless' Class

Devin & Justin's Song

Matt & Savan's Song

Paige & Vivian's Song

Tiara's Song

Calvin & Joey's Song

Andrew's Song

Mrs. Stanford's Class

Grace & Lilly - "Fireworks"

Audrey & Dora - "Christmas Tree"

Claire - "The Tempo Tantrum"

Delaney & Jessica - "Awesome Doughnut with Sprinkles"

Donovan & Sam - "Bay Blade Metal Fusion"

Anna & Cami - "Awesomeness"

Mrs. Steele's Class

Lexi & Paige - "Drop the Word"

Megan & Mikayla - "MBA Jams"

Andrew & Anna - "Jamsters"

Gus & Jacob - "GJ Beat"

Colin & Dakota - "Ball Mania"

Dalton & Sean - "DS Beatbox"

Josh & Quintessa - "Moving Balls"

more from Gus & Jacob (they're very prolific !):

"GJ Rock Band"


"Weird and Strange" Instrument Links:

Henry Partch's Instruments

Medieval & Renaissance Instruments

The OddMusic Gallery

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